Welcome to
Stoke Edith Station

					Nestled within the rolling hills of Herefordshire and surrounded on all four sides by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, this is the perfect place to enjoy the English rural idyll with plenty of railway history thrown in!

					The accommodation is located on the site of the old station building which was operational from 1861-1965 and has been re-built in the style of a typical Great Western Railway building of the Victorian era. The grounds served as a goods yard for the local agriculture and contain many original and restored features.

					We are surrounded by the traditional apple orchards and hopyards of the region, picturesque villages in Georgian red brick and Tudor black and white and you are never too far away from the meandering loops of the River Wye and it's many tributaries.

					Please come and enjoy everything Herefordshire has to offer:

					History, Food, Drink, Nature.