The Davies Family

						Our late father purchased the land here at Stoke Edith Station in 1997 as a derelict plot, but he had clear visions of reviving this railway station and accompanying yard to its former glory, and recreating a little piece of precious rural history.

						With his four son labour force in tow, the first step of course was restoring the original Station Masters House, which has now become our family home. Once this was complete, and after a huge amount of landscaping and tidying up, we set about re-building the old cattle dock, constructing a large engineering shed and laying some track to run our 88DS Ruston Locomotive. Since Dad's passing, our main focus has been solely on finishing what he so nearly did; the recreation of the station building and platform, designed & built to be used as two self-catering holiday lets. This has now been completed (with great success so far!), and the new building sits on the original site with the aim of recreating the nostalgic images we’ve acquired from 1904 (many of these can be found throughout our website, but in particular on the "History" page).

						This is far from the end of such a tenacious man’s ambitions though, so Mike’s sons, Matthew, Ed & Chris, have quite an adventure ahead of them. To find out more, we welcome you all to follow our story via our Facebook page - simply search Stoke Edith Station Story, or click the Facebook symbol below. We thank you for showing an interest in our exciting family project!



The Davies family take ownership of Stoke Edith Station & yard.


The rebuild begins! After a considerable amount of clearing & excavating, work began on the footings for the extension in 1998.


Before we had even moved into our new family home, Mike went shopping and came back with a Ruston shunter locomotive!


We moved into our new family home in 2000, although Mike had already set up his makeshift office in the study well before then! This was also the year we acquired our first carriage.


Installing the new "level crossing" gates Mike made using the framework from the existing 5 bar steel gates, with the addition of a refurbished original railway lamp.


Busy year of building up the ground ready for the arrival of steelwork for the new engineering shed. As soon as the frame was up, we laid track through the shed.


Next, work started on the brickwork with colossal archways incorporated into gable ends with equally colossal locomotive doors designed & built from scratch.


Mike turned his attention back to the family garden, turning a pile of earth and undergrowth into a lovely pond and rockery, with a water fountain, "babbling brook" and a wildlife hide.


After some more ground preparation, another "temporary" track was laid in order to make way for the second carriage to arrive from the Bulmers Cider site in Hereford.


Our main highlight was bringing our Wickham Railcar and having the "maiden" run along the short length of track we had laid into the Big Shed.


With the Ruston sat on another section of track not yet connected, shunting the Bulmers carriage through the goods shed required our old faithful Bray loading shovel to lend a hand.


In 2008, work began on digging out the ground on the site of the original platform to rebuild this feature - I'm sure you can all agree it looks much better today!


Once the ground was dug out, work could start on rebuilding the platform ahead of "project station".


Reconstructing the original cattle dock. This meant lifting the temporary track we had previously laid and for the Bray to be reenlisted as a shunter.


More large-scale ground clearance takes place opposite the planned site of the station build, in order to lay our large lawns and extend the track up through the middle.


Attention now turns to "Project Station". This photo shows the exact site where our station cottage now sits. With planning approved, we are all systems go on the build!


With the ground cleared and foundations in, work starts on the base and brickwork - it sounds so simple when said like that...


While the builders are at work on the structure, Mike just can't stay away from the hard work! Here he's shown digging away to lay piping for a soak-away.


With the walls up and roof on, Mike starts the post-build internal wash down. The structure is now "complete", with attention turning to the internal works.


This photo is a family favourite because it shows Mike, already four years past his most hopeful expectation following diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis, still working hard and ignoring his fate.

2017 to 2018

During these years, while Mike focused on running his business and overseeing the station project, his son's turned their attention to further down the yard for yet more clearance and track laying.


Sadly, the image you see here, showing the so very nearly completed station build, marks the end of Mike's chapter, having passed away in August 2019 after an 11 year fight against Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis. To continue the story, we invite you to follow our Facebook page, which logs our progress from the beginning of 2020.